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Rapid tests

-    Lateral flow tests
-    Agglutination tests

-    Focus on Spherotest® technology

Lateral flow tests

1.    Principle of the technology

Immunochromatographic tests are rapid strip-based immunoassays whose physical principle relies on the migration of micro- or nanoparticles along a membrane. Result is qualitatively (Yes/No answer).


  • Fast answer : time-to-result never exceeding 20 minutes
  • Easy to use : just adding a drop of sample in the right container
  • Relatively inexpensive to make
  • Without technicality : no labwork required
This technology is applied on in vitro diagnostic tests in various sectors of activity:
  • Human health industry : tests carried out on patient’s foot, or at home (POC, « point of care testing »)
  • Veterinary industry
  • Agro-food and environment industries
  • And so on...

2.    Indicia Biotechnology’s offer

Untrusting Indica Biotechnology with the development of your lateral flow test is a way to secure the quality of your product and to access to:

  • an experienced technical team,
  • the right choice of test format and technology regarding your application,
  • a flexible project management with different levels of intervention,
  • a constant support in your project definition,
  • help for regulatory affairs (clinical study organization, CE marking…)
  • a transfer from development to manufacturing at your office,
  • OEM products: pilot lot production, small lot production, bulk conjugate materials…

A qualified equipment (Biodot platform), and our associated skills allow Indicia Biotechnology to position itself as the unique partner offering a full range in the field of immunochromatographic tests, with the development of qualitative and quantitative tests.

3.    The widest range of conjugates

  • Dyed latexes
  • Superparamagnetic particles
  • Fluorescent beads
  • Gold colloid
Choice of the raw materials, preparation of conjugates with different binding strategies, scale-up of the process stability and reproducibility studies of the liquid phase are among the common steps of the development.

4.    Qualitative & quantitative formats

Cutting-edge technologies now make immunochromatographic tests quantitative, they become:
  • reproducible,
  • recordable,
  • quantifiable,
  • with low limit of detection (performances comparable to that of immunoassays performed in a laboratory).
Indeed, transform a qualitative test requires detection systems particularly innovative and miniaturised. Our company has therefore completed its platform by offering a new technological approach to the physical interpretation of the results of a membrane test.


Agglutination tests

1.    Principle

Agglutination tests remain used mostly in laboratories, especially for the identification of bacterial strains. These qualitative tests (response type yes/no) rely on the principle of recognising an antibody in the presence of its antigen and its capacity to train visible agglutinating complexes, and employ white or dyed microspheres.

To perform a test, a volume of sample is placed on a plastic slide and then the coated beads are added. The mixture is incubated for a few minutes. The results are determinate by visually observing the agglutination of the carrier microspheres as they bind to the specific analyte in the sample (sera, samples, urines etc.) in less than 30 seconds.

2.    Our offer

Indicia Biotechnology offers two test formats, both using dyed or white polystyrene particles :

  • agglutination test on slide,
  • quantitative agglutination assays on microplate (proprietary technology named Spherotest® - see also the corresponding datasheet in download section)

We can accompany you, as you need, in different stages of your development:

  • latex beads reagent conjugation,
  • optimization of migration conditions,
  • preparation of controls,
  • cross-reaction studies,
  • test validation,
  • bead reagents manufacturing (OEM).


→ Focus on Spherotest® technology

Spherotest® technology is a very fast and specific method for the determination of mouse, rabbit, or human IgG and IgM concentration. 

Indicia could also build your personalized Spherotest® protein assay.

This method (please see the principle on our document "Spherotest® technology", to download above), is a rapid test for QC : 

- Fast and easier than an ELISA (total incubation time : 10 minutes)

- Quantitative

- Specific and sensitive (8-500ng/ml)

- Requiring a very small sample volume

- No special equipment needed

- Reproducible (CV<5%)

Ordering informations :

Product ref
Pack size
Spherotest anti-Mouse IgG
96 wells
Spherotest anti-Rabbit IgG
96 wells
Spherotest anti-Human IgG
96 wells
Spherotest anti-Human IgG gamma chain specific
96 wells
Spherotest anti-Human IgM
96 wells
Spherotest anti-Rabbit IgM
96 wells
Personalized Assay
96 wells